No one else does what we do. Our approach is unique, our process is state-of-the-art, and our standards are impeccable.

That is why an SIS low-voltage solution out-performs everything else on the market. Once we design and install a solution tailor-made for you, there won’t be another one like it in the world.


We may be a group of well-educated technology nerds, but SIS knows what’s fresh and cutting-edge in the field of turnkey technology solutions.


believe in top quality work, delivered on time, at a fair price. Excellence is all in a day’s work.


  • Cutting-edge. No one else has the expertise to provide all the vertical solutions you want on a high-end network. No low-voltage need will ever go unmet. If we haven’t done it yet, we’ll find it and learn it, or invent it if we have to.
  • Fully integrated No one else offers you the opportunity to integrate security, audio / visual, and IT solutions in one seamless network.
  • Custom-made No one else lets you select only the services, solutions and support you need, so that the end result is uniquely you.Do you require a consultant and nothing more? That’s fine. Do you want to add an audio-visual system to an already existing network? Glad to do it. Would you like to support some of your security systems? We’re there for you.
  • Peace of mind. SIS even handles all the pesky business details like bonding, insurance, expediting permits, and many other administrative functions.


SIS has brought our distinctive turnkey solutions to cities all over the country, and even the Caribbean. Wherever you are, we’ll go there.

SIS specializes in mid- to high-rise condos, hotels and office buildings, whether new construction or retrofit projects.


On time, every time. What more needs to be said?


No one else provides the kind of design process that turns technology into contemporary art, especially in the vertical market. It’s clean, it’s elegant, it’s functional, and it’s a wonder to behold. Share your vision and SIS delivers a well-engineered, innovative technology that includes everything your heart desires.


Because in the end, you deserve to sleep soundly too.