Systems Integrated Solutions is a highly educated group of professionals, which has pioneered low-voltage technology and which continues to push the envelope in regard to the future of the industry.

As the bios that follow demonstrate, the SIS core team represents a cross-pollination of expertise in all areas affecting innovative turn-key solutions.

Ramsey Hasan

As head visionary, Mr. Hasan is the driving force behind capturing the future of low-voltage technology and bringing it to you here and now. With an expertise in low-voltage systems and business experience spanning over twenty years, Mr. Hasan has assembled the team of networking, design, IT, audio-visual, sales and administrative gurus who make the magic happen. Mr. Hasan continues to be a leader in the field of low-voltage technology, and has turned his vision into a fast-growing low-voltage firm. As your director of daily affairs, he uses his organizational, administrative, and technical capabilities to manage the extraordinary group that provides the SIS touch. He has successfully presided over the design and / or installation of many important projects. Some of these include Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Hollywood Resort, the Faena Hotel and Condominiums on South Beach, Brickell House in Brickell, and The Mansions at Aqualina in Sunny Isles Beach, to name a few. Mr. Hasan has a B.A. in Telecommunications. He is a whiz at contracts, licensing and permits, and has been instrumental in solidifying contracts and commitments with The Related Group, Trump Group, Coastal Construction, Wood Partners and most of the established high-rise developers in the area.

Scott Shecter

As Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Shecter has over twenty years of experience with low-voltage technology. He has acquired a vast storehouse of knowledge in every facet of the industry from individual systems to operational management. During his years in the field, Mr. Shecter has acquired a particular expertise in installation and all aspects of service and support. Mr. Shecter manages between 15 and 20 technicians each day, counting among his projects the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, the National Hotel in Miami Beach, the Icon Brickell Towers in downtown Miami, Trump Hollywood, Trump Towers in Sunny Isles Beach and the Credit Agricole Bank in Miami. Mr. Shecter has a B.A. in Business Management.