There’s going to be a network in your building. The only question is, will it be a network designed by SIS, compatible with the 21st century and beyond?

NETWORKING-ballIn the past, your building had wiring for a telephone system.

As various other systems were added, each had its own proprietary network of wires, cables, switches and access points. Remember analog? Remember co-axial cable? After a while, what you had was a slow, inefficient mess.

In today’s world of cloud technology and the expansion of available bandwidth, the internet allows multiple complex systems and applications from any vendor to run quickly and smoothly over a converged network. Once this is in place, you can add new systems and apps at any time.

It also connects your building with the outside world. That’s the beauty of cloud technology. That’s what a converged network does for you. In fact, the latest and greatest data, security and audio-visual systems require it.


Among other things, SIS had installed a fiber optic infrastructure to allow CCTV, access control, motion detector and intercom security systems to operate seamlessly in the condo complex. The guard at the security desk was keeping an eye on all the doors and gates. When Mr. Green approached the side door a crisp, clear picture of that entranceway popped up, alerting the guard that someone was there. He immediately recognized Mr. Green and he could tell that the poor man had forgotten his keys. He used the intercom system to let him know he was remotely unlocking the door. Mr. Green was relieved and the guard didn’t have to leave the desk.

In fact, he wondered why management kept as many security guards as it did, and he reminded himself that he’d better do a really good job because when management figured it out, he didn’t want to be the one let go. Meanwhile, the property manager had watched the whole thing remotely on his smart phone. Since he also knew Mr. Green, he was glad the guard helped him out with such minimal effort. He decided to keep this guard and fire the other one who had a habit of letting in his friends to use the pool.

Who knows what innovations the future will bring; but one thing is certain. Whether you have an existing platform to upgrade, or you’re about to construct a brand new one, you don’t want a building where chaos reigns.

Not when you can do it with a telecommunication network designed by SIS.