An SIS Network Is Not Only The Foundation Of The Technology In Your Building, It Is The Source Of Your Control.

An SIS network is not only the foundation of the technology in your building, it is the source of your control. Because of the breadth and depth of our engineering expertise, SIS can connect your building to the outside world in whatever manner you decide, configure the integration of internal solutions however you want it, and utilize the bandwidth you choose. Your network can be open as with the architecture of the Internet, or closed as with a private intranet. Your infrastructure can function over wireless or wired network connections, or a combination of the two. SIS can provide you with a design for every kind of networking solution that exists on the market today, be it LAN, WAN or MAN.

The SIS consulting team will clue you in to the latest in networking strategies. But it doesn’t hurt to come with a wish list.


Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

DAS is a wireless / cellular solution that resides on the network. To ensure five-bar cellular coverage, adequate data capacity, and premium wireless service both indoors and out, DAS is what you need. Our DAS solution has built-in RF intelligence with a flexible architecture that fits every facility, large or small. It is an enterprise-ready, carrier-neutral, operator-grade solution that enables a wide variety of technologies and services (including 4G LTE network architecture) for the newest breed of mobile devices. DAS can also deliver licensed radio frequencies for life safety.

Efficiency and Speed.

An SIS-designed network will facilitate all of your organization’s requirements the way you want it to. The tasks you give it will get done fast, without getting lost in cyberspace.


The SIS converged network allows you to seamlessly add systems at any time. It has the sophistication to handle your technology needs now and in the future, virtually eliminating obsolescence.

Custom tailoring.

Like everything SIS does, our design process tailors the infrastructure to fit your specific needs.