The entire process is executed by specialists representing each solution for which you have contracted. The plans are subject to continual management, review and verification by SIS ownership, and where relevant, agreement with the customer.

Design input

Received during the consulting phase is carefully documented and kept in a project file. Each member of the team:
  • Becomes familiar with the needs of the client, and all of the features and components required by the customer. If there is any ambiguity, we immediately seek clarification.
  • Identifies all of the characteristics that are critical to the safe and effective operation of the systems.
  • Considers how best to integrate all systems and solutions so that they work in perfect harmony, as well as coordinate with the design of the building.

Design output

  • Inspected by our in-house architect throughout each stage of development and these tests are fully documented. Any alterations to the design are subject to strict review by the entire team, as well as documentation control procedures.
  • ┬áReviewed by the team and SIS ownership in order to confirm its compliance with the contract.
  • Presented to the customer for final review and approval.