If all your systems aren’t online yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. But don’t hire your cousin.



Information technology is no longer only about sharing data with the other PC and the printer down the hall.

Remember reading about how the world went from hand -made everything to factory-made everything? We gained speed and volume, but we gave up customization. Enter the computer age. Nowadays, SIS can arrange it so that every system in your building is controlled online. The IT team will bring you up to mega-speed, and we will bring back old-fashioned customization at the same time.

The SIS IT team can provide:

  • File servers, proxy servers, mail servers, database servers, cluster servers
  • Workstations
  • Gateways, routers, modems, interfaces, and modules
  • Firewall solutions
  • VPNs
  • Network admission control (NAC)
  • ISP inbound / outbound load balancing
  • Email and website security

If you require new information technology, we will build an infrastructure that accomplishes your most sophisticated business goals — and we will configure it properly.

If you have an existing system, we’ll make sure your data migrates flawlessly. Either way, your information will flow like Niagara Falls on a rainy day.

But remember: we only make it look easy. Our IT division has Comp TIA Security+ and Microsoft Security credentials, as well as years of hands-on experience with Internet messaging and firewall products. That is why SIS can ensure the secure and speedy delivery of data through the IT network.