Productivity is the result of two things. All of the parts need to work well with each other, and all of the parts need to contribute to the overall purpose of the system.

A well-functioning system that doesn’t accomplish your goals is useless. The

SIS IT team won’t let that happen.

We identify productivity applications for your organization that address compelling business needs and are compatible with each other. We seek to improve program execution, enable effective decision-making, and advance the efficiency of your overall business performance. With compatible, purposeful applications, increased productivity is only a heartbeat away.

The entire system is first tested in a controlled environment so we are sure the results are seamless. Then, once the whole thing is transplanted into your building, we train you and your staff on how to maximize the solutions’ capabilities.

The following IT maintenance services are also available to keep your system running as smoothly as possible:

  • Cloud Backups: We can take your information and store in a server off-site. If your system ever goes down, all of your data can be recovered in an instant.
  • Automatic Upgrades: In the IT world, nothing stays the same. We would be remiss not to include automatic upgrades and patches to the software you purchase from SIS.
  • Remote diagnostics. An application can be added to your system which continually monitors the health of your systems and alerts us of any problems or possible system failures before it becomes an issue, or an issue becomes a system failure.
  • Information Control: What sets us apart from other IT solutions is our trust in you. To show how much we value your business, we give you full control of all documents and other information related to maintaining your technologies, including: passwords, rights, end-user manuals, network diagrams, and licenses. Did we mention that optimal anti-virus software is included?