The only creature that doesn’t have a heart is a single-celled organism. Surely your building is further up the food chain than that.

The minute you have more than one computerized device, a server is imperative to optimize your investment and ensure long-term scalable cost savings. When every PC, scanner, printer and fax machine is connected through a central server, the entire operation functions more efficiently.

With SIS, a certified

Microsoft Professional Partner and Engineer takes charge of your entire computer system. This credential ensures not only a superb bed-side manner, but the expertise of the entire IT operation.

  • A server provides security: By encrypting traffic on the network, we ensure that only authorized users have access to proprietary information.
  • A server provides central management: All of your files anywhere on any computer system are managed and protected through the server.
  • A server provides reliable operation: When clients report to a server the IT team is always gathering health information from your hardware and software. We can spot failures before they become a crisis.
  • A server provides convenience: For example, you can have access to your computer system from the comfort of your home.
  • A server centralizes user account management: If someone happens to forget their password, you can quickly reset it.
  • A server ensures efficiency: compliance with company policies that limit the installation of unauthorized software, as well as internet access.