No one thinks about all those cables and wires in the closet until they stop working properly. Then someone startsMAIN_SERVICE-tools getting the phone calls.

When SIS designs and installs the vertical solutions in your building, your entire investment can be protected. No matter how small or how severe your problem, SIS always makes sure that a friendly, cooperative and knowledgeable service technician takes care of your needs. We are dedicated to seeing that your building is always operating at its full potential.

So relax…because not one of the occupants in your building is thinking about the technology. The silence will be music to your ears.

We can even fix the mistakes the other guys left you with in your building.

“One building had a garage across the street. The access control system that had been installed by a different company suddenly stopped working. For weeks building management tried to get it fixed, but the company that had installed it couldn’t find the parts! While security manually opened and closed the garage doors all day long, building management desperately went through the phone book looking for relief. They were getting more and more desperate as the days dragged on. Once they contacted SIS, we had it fixed in one hour. We are proud to now have this organization as part of our family of maintenance clients.”

Here are all the ways that SIS protects your investment:

First Year Warranties

Aside from the one-year manufacturers’ warranties on the products you purchase, SIS warranties the smooth functioning of the solutions we have installed during the first year.

General Response Times

MAIN_SERVICE-watchMake your service call or send an email as soon as you realize there is an issue. Service technicians clock out at 3 pm and they are given their next day assignments at that time. We want to resolve every issue quickly

and this will help us accommodate everyone in the most efficient way.

Situations such as server failures and system crashes are considered emergencies and will be responded to by the next day if we are contacted before 3 pm, and as soon as possible if we contacted after 3 pm. No matter how insignificant a problem is, our policy is to not let more than 72 hours pass without showing up and resolving it.

We always do our best to accommodate everyone according to the greatest need and available resources. Some issues can even be resolved remotely.


When SIS finishes installing your solutions, we gather everyone together for extensive training: building management, end-user staff, and anyone else you want to send. We allow a recording of the training session, so if you need to train new employees or those folks who were out sick, you’re covered. Feel free to call our friendly staff to discuss additional training at any time.

Service Maintenance Contracts

Just ask yourself this. How can you purchase high-end low voltage solutions like ours and NOT contract with the people you trust to safeguard it?

SIS offers a la carte service maintenance contracts that allow you choose which systems you want to protect with that extra special something. Maintain the integrity of your vertical technology, fixing and upgrading as needed, so that the solution performs in an optimum manner.

Indulge to the extreme:

  • Discounted Rates

    if you purchase a service maintenance contract from the beginning. Why would you need it the first year? Routine cleaning of equipment, quarterly database maintenance, and data backup to cite a few. Then of course, the discount continues.

  • Priority Response

    Maintenance clients are entitled to 24/7 emergency service and next day routine service. After hours you will always be able to contact an on-call service who will then contact an SIS technician.

  • Cloud Backup

    Our IT Support allows you to recover your data simply and easily when it appears to have crashed.

  • Automatic Upgrades

    In the world of information technology, nothing stays the same. We would be remiss not to include automatic upgrades and patches to the software you purchase from SIS.

  • Information Control

    What sets us apart from other IT solutions is our trust in you. To show how much we value your business, we give you full control of all documents and other information related to maintaining your technologies, including: passwords, rights, end-user manuals, network diagrams, and licenses.

  • Discounted Rates

    for work not covered by the contract, such as adding new systems or fixing vandalism.

  • SIS Loaner Equipment

  • Remote diagnostics

    An application can be added to your system which continually monitors the health of your security system and alerts us of any problems or possible system failures before it becomes an issue, or an issue becomes a system failure. This allows us to: Reduce potential repair time from days to minutes; keep your system on track more of the time; cut down on “house calls,” and help everyone to stay green.

“And then there was the time the guard at the front desk wiped out the computer while trying to delete the cookies he had created during his shift. Every piece of software pertaining to access control was gone. Instead of taking weeks to reconstruct, the entire system was restored in two days. The guards were happy, management was happy, and most important, the occupants were happy.”