The fact is, we really know our business, backwards and forwards, inside and out. So when it comes to the paperwork and the legal requirements, SIS can take it all off your


Now isn’t that a relief?

  • Insurance
    The client simply tells SIS what is needed regarding liability, worker’s comp, and auto insurance. We arrange it with our A1-rated carrier and we hand your general contractor the documents.
  • Permits
    Pulling permits is often time-consuming, but knowing how the system works in various cities can help. SIS can take care of this for you, too.
  • Bonding
    If you want the special guarantee that no matter what disaster may come our way the job will get done, you will be happy to know that SIS is already bonded and insured.
  • Cash Management
    SIS works diligently with your back-office to ensure accurate, on-time monthly billing according to job-specific procedures, regardless of the documents required.

Don’t sweat the big stuff, but don’t sweat the small stuff either.