Every business says this, but SIS really does take pride in offering premiere customer service. We strive to be the best in the industry by developing long-term relationships with owners, developers, architects, general contractors and building management.

This is reflected in the 24/7 contact we provide, the way we listen attentively to your needs, and the extraordinary consideration we give to all our clients. When you get off the phone with us, you will feel confident that, whatever the issue, SIS has it under control. It will not fall through the cracks.

Why do we go to such extraordinary lengths to keep you happy? It starts with the core group of SIS professionals who have known each other for years. Once we have designed, installed, and spent time supporting your solutions, you become more than just a client.

SIS has

a low voltage specialty EF license (Certified Alarm Contractor I – Fire and Burglar) from the state of Florida, so we have earned the right to treat you

like part of the family.