Create just the right atmosphere for any activity, and enjoy significant energy savings at the same time.

The SIS commercial and industrial solution:
  • Provides complete dimming, switching and multi-fixture control with just one touch of an elegant keypad, touch panel, iPad™, iPhone®, Android device, PC or Mac.
  • Ensures that unoccupied areas are either turned off, or automatically returned to a pre-established level.
  • Offers occupancy and lighting sensors that allow all areas of a facility to be managed under the master lighting control system.
  • Presents a convenient dashboard so that a staff member or facility manager can control the lighting, while monitoring energy usage in real time.
  • Eliminates unsightly wall clutter.
  • Utilizes commercial 230/277/347V engineered centralized lighting.
  • Provides daylight harvesting which uses photocells to eliminate the need for artificial lighting when daylight is adequate.