Forget flyers, billboards,

and the human chicken outside with the sandwich sign.

SIS digital signage sends alternating words and images to LED information displays and kiosks. The customized message can target the general public or specific groups and market segments in order to:

  • Guide visitors
  • Provide critical information
  • Entertain customers, triggering purchasing decisions.
Our digital signage solution replaces traditional marketing because it is far more engaging and therefore more efficient in capturing the attention of viewers.

In addition, messages can be changed at any time as needs dictate. Just type a new message into the computer and upload

a new graphic.

As an audio-visual systems integrator, SIS can show you how to utilize this solution as an effective, powerful tool to reach your audience and achieve the maximum desired outcome.

We provide needs analysis, system training, system support services and day-to-day system management.