You will absolutely get what you pay for. Guaranteed.

The Performance

This is the dramatic moment when it all comes together, like opening night at the theatre.Your team of architects and owners and contractors set out to realize a vision. The SIS design team helped shape and direct that vision. The development phase is complete and a project manager (and perhaps a superintendent) has been selected to run the show. Everything has been rehearsed and is ready to go.Each contributing member of the development team is involved in the installation to ensure that it all goes according to plan. Different levels of travel and field meetings occur depending upon fee schedules in negotiated contracts and the needs of the project.

The first thing to be constructed is the network, the stage on which it will all take place. The Security and Audio / Visual solutions will play their parts with depth and √©lan. They are placed stage left and stage right according to the cues laid out in the construction documents. And finally, the IT “lights” come up and it’s “action.”

The Crew

SIS has over 20 years of experience in hiring and supervising the right team for the job. Our hand-picked employees are not just wire pullers and terminators. They have the required certifications and the know how to construct the modules that make up your sophisticated solutions.

Each and every member of our crew can troubleshoot the systems you order, and they will not leave until they make sure that everything you have ordered is in working condition.

The Products

It’s true that SIS provides software that is especially user-friendly. That’s because we use intricate IP-based systems in the back end that make it easy up front.

As we all know, there are “knock-off” systems out there with branding that may lead you to think you have diamonds, when you really have cubic zirconia. That is why SIS only partners with reliable, well-known, top quality vendors with whom we have established relationships. (SIS even works with these vendors to continually develop innovative technology). We insist on knowing what we are providing. That is how you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what you are getting.

There is no question that SIS expertise and teamwork will ensure the best performance in vertical technology you’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.

When the curtain goes up, feel free to applaud.